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India and its pluralistic health system – a new philosophy for  Universal Health Coverage
Sarika Chaturvedi,  John Porter, Geetha Krishnan Gopalakrishna Pillai, Leena Abraham,  Darshan Shankar, and Bhushan Patwardhanf, 2020

The belief that there is only one kind of medical science is a myth. Ayurveda is considered unscientific because it has a non-molecular, systemic way of observing, classifying, and understanding causality and for mitigating biological change. However, it has a unified theory of bioregulation, with a comprehensive understanding of variability, holistic pharmacology, and pathogenesis.  Ayurveda also has a large repository of over 200,000 drug formulations and effective non-drug interventions such as the Panchkarma therapies that can detoxify impaired physiological processes.