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The Baroness Verma


A highly influential, global facing business leader, she has extensive Chair and Committee experience. Since entering the House of Lords in 2006, Baroness Verma has held several key Ministerial appointments, she has had an active and advisory role in policy formation and development. With a transformational background, Baroness Verma is both strategic and where necessary hands on, adept at simplifying complex issues. She has significant experience of the need for and development of good governance within both large and small organisations. Together with her outstanding relationship management skills, her approach is both inclusive and pragmatic, but always with the vision to look forward. She is self assured, able to challenge and articulate her view point without compromising the development of strong working relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and staff. Baroness Verma’s ability to transfer and use her skills and knowledge in multiple settings gives strength to her ability to understand detail and provide leadership in delivering the overall vision and direction an organisation wishes to take. A strong and committed advocate of diversity and inclusion, she is involved in a wealth of influential initiatives to create a more inclusive working environment and society as a whole.