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Dr. Shantha Godagama


M.B.Ac.C, M.F (Hon), D.A.M & S, M.Ac.F, F.A.M.A (UK)

Through over 40 years of practice, Dr Godagama has acquired immense knowledge, experience, and expertise in Ayurveda. The result of his vision and ambitions towards enhancing the recognition of Ayurveda in the West has been immeasurable.

In 2001 Dr Godagama was appointed by Lord Hunt, Minister of Health to the Medicine Control Agency as a panel member for borderline medicines in the UK and was invited to St James Palace by H.R.H The Prince of Wales for discussions on the future of Ayurveda and alternative medicine in the UK. Following this, in 2005 he became the Director of the European Herbal Practitioners Association as well as ministerial advisor to the Department of Health on herbal medicines.
Dr Godagama formed and became the Dean of the College of Ayurveda with Dr Sathyamoorthy and Dr Athique, which has now become the first institution in the UK to provide a Bachelor of Science in Ayurveda at Middlesex University. Dr Godagama has become renowned worldwide as an expert in the unique healing tradition of Ayurveda.

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